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Vanderwist is proud to offer their customers full time service departments in each division location. With seven full time service technicians and full time office support, our service capabilities are outstanding. Scheduling a call takes just a few minutes with our office staff. We have the capabilities to schedule routine calls up to two years in advance and have a routing/map system to aid in the planning of those last minute calls.

Vanderwist service technicians have extensive experience in locating, identifying and resolving all types of irrigation, lighting and fountain problems. Employees attend training workshops covering electrical troubleshooting, valve and wire evaluation, as well as use of diagnostic equipment which allows us to spend less time troubleshooting the root cause of your specific service problem.

Service technicians are also trained not to waste time troubleshooting if they feel they are not able to find the problem within a reasonable amount of time. Irrigation and lighting repair can sometimes require a "process of elimination" approach, and therefore we do encounter problems that might require more than one visit to repair. We encourage our technicians to discuss the best mode of troubleshooting with the customer so they can work as a team to come up with an economical/time conscious method to repair your system.

Due to a large service customer base, Vanderwist offers two types of service programs for their installation customers; Option I and II. We feel strongly about preserving a strong service department for our customers. Over the years, we have controlled the number of new service customers accepted. Unfortunately, we cannot always accept other contractors service clients. We do our best to comply with new customer’s request, but do not want to spread ourselves too thin that we cannot respond to our first priority - our own customer base.

Help is usually just a phone call away. As an added value, many customers enjoy the use of the customer service line. We are able to help many of our customers "over the phone" with minor issues regarding the operation or adjustment of their irrigation and lighting systems.

Service Programs

Vanderwist offers two different types of service programs for our installation customers.

Option One is designed with several key features and is offered only to Vanderwist installed systems. A retainer is held on account during the season and is debited once work is completed and invoiced. Any balance is refundable or can also be carried over to the following year. Due to the design of the program, each division can only accept a limited number of customers. Special Option One Features Include:

  • Your Choice Of - Spring Activation, Site Inspection(s), Winterization Service – OR – Spring Activation and Winterization Service – Lighting System Inspection.
  • Early Bird Bookings - Advanced scheduling for Spring Activation, Site Inspections and Winterization Service Calls. Due to our large customer base, we only accept advance bookings before February 1 st, for our Option One customers, thus giving you top priority. If rescheduling occurs, we attempt to put you back into the schedule as soon as possible.
  • Priority Service Days and Times - First and Last Calls and Saturday Appointments are reserved for you.
  • Systems Under Warranty - Irrigation and lighting systems installed during the calendar year will automatically be classified as Option I during the warranty period. As an added value to our new customers, the retainer is waived during this period of time.
  • Periodic Discounts - on Material, Internet Specials and Promotions
  • Service Call & Payment Terms - We highly recommend that a responsible party be available during the time of appointment so customer may review service performed and authorize service ticket, however it is not necessary under this plan. Option One customers have an open account and are billed for services rendered. Billable services are debited against your balance and if necessary, remaining balances are invoiced.

Option Two:

  • Scheduled Dates - Spring Activation, Winterization and Site Inspection dates can be scheduled after February 1. (PLEASE NOTE: Due to our service program options, early bird bookings, first and last call as well as Saturday services are not available under this service program.) As we cannot predict the weather, severe weather conditions may alter scheduled dates.

Service call & Payment Terms - Responsible party must be on site during time of appointment. Customer will be asked to review and sign off service ticket, then issue payment at the end of the service visit. Services rendered are invoiced and paid at the time of service. There are no billing features when selecting this program.

Retail Sales

Vanderwist of Cincinnati, Inc. stocks a large inventory of products and replacement parts. We are more than happy to help you over the phone and ship your product via UPS. If you are interested in adding a new product to upgrade your system, we usually have commonly stocked items available for your immediate purchase. If we do not have your item in stock, we can typically have it to you within 3 business days. Lighting fixtures can be purchased for those customers interested in changing fixtures or adding a few to a newly landscaped area.

Our replacement lamps are often below retail costs and can be shipped directly to you.

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