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Lawn Sprinkler SystemsVanderwist provides professionally designed and installed irrigation systems to residential and commercial customers. All systems are properly designed to maintain uniform coverage. Plant and water relationships are understood and respected when we design a system. A properly designed irrigation system is mathematical. We provide water evenly and efficiently with a concern for matched precipitation rates that are not figured by guess work, but calculated, keeping gallons per minute, water flow rates, and head to head coverage properly evaluated within the equation. Vanderwist systems are designed so our customers can water their lawn or landscape beds independently maximizing the control of each zone. Further, other design factors such as the relationship to the sun, shade areas, slopes, soil condition also benefit each particular application and design.

Vanderwist decisions on product and material are based on quality and value. It is always our intent to provide the best products available at the time of purchase. For example, the Hunter ICC-Institutional series irrigation controller is Vanderwist’s standard controller. The ICC is Hunter's top controller and we believe the best controller in the market today. Vanderwist also specializes in designing alternate method of water source for irrigation projects where lakes, ponds and wells become the main water supply. Vanderwist employees attend training seminars off season and also follow rigorous hands on training program during their first eight weeks of employment. We train our employees to be knowledgeable with most of the top irrigation brands such as Hunter, Nelson, Rainbird, Toro and Weathermatic.

A professionally installed irrigation system provides your lawn and landscape with adequate water supply, while allowing you the freedom to devote your time to more important tasks and adventures. Vanderwist systems are designed to withstand above normal wear and tear, provide ease of operation, low maintenance and make efficient use of water. Service is never a problem for Vanderwist customers. Our service staff is always just a phone call away. We have 7 full time service personnel plus 3 service desks to aid in your service requests.

We strive to make your experience with Vanderwist enjoyable through:

  • Direct contact with our sales and design personnel
  • Experienced, drug free, courteous job site foreman and crew installing your system
  • Quality system design, exceptional products, professional walk through and training
  • Guarantee and warranty
  • A service department at your finger tips to help you schedule your maintenance concerns.

Vanderwist makes every effort to meet or exceed your expectations. Vanderwist is open all year and installs even in the winter months, unlike other contractors. Spring and summer seasons are peak installation months and we are sensitive to our customer’s installation requirements. As a seasonal business, Vanderwist tries to accommodate customer's timetables based on factors such as sold dates, weather, and site conditions. We work closely with customers discussing production dates, providing written notification on start dates, determining access issues so we make the installation process as smooth as possible. We want to exceed your expectations.

Please call us today for a personal site inspection and estimate. For your convenience, we have several irrigation specification pages, brochures and instruction manuals located at the Download center.


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