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Well lit patio.Vanderwist enhances your outdoor living spaces with professionally designed landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting should create an atmosphere of highlights, shadows and dramatic lighting effects. Landscape lighting will add year round beauty to your home, yard or business while providing safety and security. Our lighting manufacturers design attractive, high quality lighting fixtures that enhance your outdoor spaces during the night and day.

The Vanderwist design team can work closely with you to choose just the right fixtures and design for your outdoor living spaces. We represent many leading manufacturers, such as Kim, Hinkley, Vista, Kichler , Hanover , Hadco, Unique plus many more. The Cincinnati location has a showroom for your convenience.

Benefits achieved from a professionally designed lighting system include:

  • Increased Home Value and Beauty - A properly designed lighting system can bring you years of enjoyment. Lighting not only increases the value of your home, it offers you another way to enjoy and highlight your outdoor living spaces.
  • Safety and Security - Well-lit walkways, steps and entries are safer to use after dark. Since our lighting systems can be activated with a photocell or timer, they offer illumination automatically when the sun goes down and when you require specific lighting requirements, thus protecting your home while you are away or sleeping.

At Vanderwist, we are not tied to installing strictly low or line voltage lighting. Many of our jobs are a combination of both. A job site visit determines what best suits the customer's desires, optimal performance, lighting effects and budget. For your convenience, we have highlighted a few possibilities.

Low Voltage systems do not require deep trenching or heavy equipment. Low voltage systems offer a wide variety of fixtures and lamp types. No injuries can occur from touching bare wire or cutting into the cable. Most lighting plans do not require additional electric circuits. Low voltage systems allow for flexibility and fixture movement without having to rewire.

Line voltage offers you higher levels of illumination which cannot be achieved by a low voltage system. Commonly used line voltage fixtures can improve specific applications such as lighting signs and larger mature trees. Sometimes in a small lighting project, with two or three fixtures, line voltage may be more economical to install due to the fact that a transformer is not necessary.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) HID is a type of line voltage lighting. It offers superior lamp life and unique color capability. HID may be a more expensive option when exploring lighting systems.


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