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Fountains & Aeration
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Fountains & Aeration

Fountain in the middle of a pond.Vanderwist is pleased to offer the installation and maintenance of fountains for your lake and ponds. Awareness of water quality management, the benefit and beauty fountains add to your project, allows us to create unique visual displays for our customers. We believe the benefits in water feature design are achieved by enhancing the surrounding landscape and creating the ultimate effect for your outdoor enjoyment.

Fountains offer the benefit of natural aeration which is environmentally safe and an effective tool against water quality problems such as, bottom sludge, foul odors, insect infestation and stagnation. Depending on the design or series of fountains that best suits your project, the end result with be an aesthetically pleasing, healthy body of water. We design your water feature, keeping in mind, size requirement, pattern, power source, and overall aesthetics to the project. We offer sensible solutions, providing you with cost saving suggestions based on years of experience in the fountain and pump industry.

We offer many floating designs with a variety of nozzles which display many distinctive patterns for your viewing pleasure. All fountains can be supplied and installed with lighting for added enjoyment after dark. Please see the Links and Download Center for further information regarding specifications, manufacturers, and fountain spray patterns.

Vanderwist is also a factory authorized installer and service center for Aqua Master fountains. Aqua Master is a world wide leader in the manufacturing and distributing of fountains and aeration equipment. AquaMaster Classic Floating Fountain are available in 10 beautiful spray patterns and are sized from 1/2 to 10 HP and the Celestial Floating fountains are sized up to 25 HP. AquaMaster Master Series and Celestial fountains are available in a wide variety of beautiful spray patterns ranging in size up to 25 HP, a 3 year warranty and enhanced operating cost savings engineering.

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