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Do It Together

Commonly called "Do It Yourself", Vanderwist's approach to this program is quite unique. Although we will gladly supply a customer with all parts necessary to install a system themselves, the "Do It Together" program enables us to offer our customer's a professionally designed system, parts, training and our expertise on the first day of installation. Generally, a Do It Together Irrigation system is approximately one-half of the cost of a typical system installation.

The "Do It Together" Program includes:

  • A professionally designed system and estimate.
  • Machine work is completed by our trained staff leaving your lawn in good condition. Our customers do not have to bother with the rental and maneuvering of heavy equipment. The use of a vibratory plow eliminates the need for backfilling a trench versus the use of a rental trencher commonly available to the public. Also, since there is no need to backfill, the use of the plow eliminates trench settling.
  • During the time we are on the site completing the machine work, you will act as our assistant. The Vanderwist Foreman will complete the machine work while directing you aiding in the installation process. This allows you to understand where the pipe has been pulled and where the connections will need to be made after we have finished.
  •  You receive instructions on the installation of heads, valves, wiring and use of the controller while we are on site typically within the first day.
  • Vanderwist may complete the plumbing work and/or hang the controller if requested. These services are proposed separately.
  • All the materials required for a proper installation are delivered to you on the first day. Additional materials can be picked up at any of our division locations.

Generally, unless noted on your contract, the machine work and instruction will be completed within one day. Please be prepared to walk the property with the supervisor on the day the machine work is to be completed. Property lines, head location, valve box placement, backflow placement, controller placement, dog fencing, and other items or concerns should be discussed and noted before we begin work.

Once a signed contract is received, since the customer is such an integral part of this package, we ask you to choose two dates (the second, in case of inclement weather) for the machine work and instruction to take place. It is imperative the customer is available to act as an assistant during the machine work and receive instructions on piping, wiring, head adjustments, etc. Please plan accordingly. If Vanderwist provides copper work or controller installation, we generally complete these services after all machine work is completed. Vanderwist office and technical staff is available to help you over the phone if questions arise while you are installing the remainder of your system.


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